74 Oaks - The DIY package-Discountinued
74 Oaks - Our DIY package has been discontinued effective July 18, 2016.
DIY Wedding Package
Introducing a new package designed for the DIY bride.
The package includes -
*Bela Chapel, our outdoor wedding site with bench seating for approximately 100 guests.  Wood gazebo at the altar area and wood frame door entry at the fence.
* Indoor fabric draped ballroom/exterior veranda with seating for approximately 92-110 guests
    * guest tables with floor length white linen tablecloths (interior - 5 oval tables and 4
       square guest  tables, exterior veranda - 4 patio tables with 16 chairs)
    * white premium wedding chairs
    * three buffet tables, one beverage table, two cake tables, and one gift table, all with
       floor length white linen tablecloths
    ~ tables, chairs and tablecloths are set up and ready for you to place your decorations
* Warming kitchen
   ~ We provide a warming kitchen, not a catering kitchen,  all food must arrive cooked and ready to serve, we provide a regular size refrigerator, stove with oven, microwave oven and double kitchen sink. It isn't stocked with pots, pans, utensils, etc..  We have well water and do not have an ice machine.
* Indoor restrooms
* Grooms dressing room
* Bridal dressing room suite
* Guest parking
On site times and details provided with the DIY package are as follows, no exceptions.
Day before - set up, decorating, etc. 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Time allowed for rehearsal  - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  ~ Does NOT include rehearsal dinner time
Wedding day - 12:00 noon arrival time 12:00 midnight departure time
For the comfort of you and your guests, a late afternoon wedding is suggested during the hottest months.  Early afternoon weddings can be difficult for people of all ages.
  ~Fresh flowers, food, and beverages arrive ONLY on wedding day.
  ~Dressing rooms, restrooms opened at 12:00 noon.
  ~Ballroom opened for decorating/food staff at 12:00 noon. Opened  to guests 30 minutes 
    before wedding starts.
  ~You will need a designated person to meet your vendors upon their arrival, and a
    designated person to direct the rehearsal and wedding.
  ~Clean up includes packing and taking your clothes, food, décor,  gifts, etc...AND being
    certain all trash, indoors and outdoors is in a trash receptacle.
  ~ Departure time is 12:00 midnight, no exceptions.  Reception must end in time for you to pack, load and depart by 12:00 midnight.
Please be sure all loading and unloading is done at either of the double front entry doors.  DJ's may NOT load/unload at the end veranda.  We do not provide a table for the DJ.
Any items left behind may be picked up the following day by making an appointment for pickup.  Any items not picked up the following day will be discarded.
This package is designed for those who want a beautiful site for their dream day at the lowest price possible.  To accomplish this, these are the guidelines.  NO exceptions or substitutions. 
Package price is $995.00.  NO HIDDEN RENTAL FEES! Everything listed above is included in the price. No other fees are required or added if the details above are followed.  No additional discounts apply. A $295.00 deposit is required to save your date, with the balance of $700.00 due 45 days before the event.  This package includes ONLY two events, rehearsal time (does not include rehearsal dinner time) and the wedding/reception. No other events are included in this package during the DIY package time frame.
We do not require a damage deposit, however....You will be billed and incur additional costs IF excessive clean up is needed or damage to the interior or exterior of "74 Oaks" requires repairs,  due to cake, food, candy, beverage fights or any other out of the normal activities causing damage repairs or excessive cleanup to be required. 
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